Skalnatá valley

This valley is thanks to the touristic paths and connections of transport with Tatranská Lomnica (cable car to Skalnaté tarn and cable car to Lomnický peak) highly visited all year-round. It is created by a rocky kettle with an interesting closure and bordered with Lomnický, Kežmarský and Huncovský peak. The first touristic facilities were built in the valley in 1915. Nowadays, there are Skalnatá chalet and Chalet Encián opened for tourists. On the slope of Huncovský peak, there lies Observatory of astronomic institute of SAV. No touristic paths lead to the closure of the valley except the prospective point Lomnické saddle, more precisely Veľká Lomnická tower. The most interesting attraction to tourists is the cable car to Lomnický peak. Skalnaté tarn is a favourite skiing resort during the winter and early spring thanks to the slope under Lomnické saddle and slopes to Tatranská Lomnica. From the valley, there is a possibility to reach Lomnické saddle by a chairlift.

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Retro hotel Morava

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