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Dog sledding

+421 903 641 549

Do you love dogs, you want to get a musher and drive a dog slede across the snowy fields? Agency Adventoura offers  private programm set for 2 hours where they will teach you  all techniques and everything  about dog sledding in Slovakia.

During this activity you will learn how to drive a dog sled, to turn left and right and to understand Siberian Huskies behaviour. All of this will be set on the circuit  of the length of 1 km. During the first circuit you wil be supervised by their instructors and later once you are ready you will lead your dogs by yourself like a real musher.

The agency will try to set up the camp close to your place – depending on the snow conditions that day. If there is no snow they will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the location with suitable snow conditions.

Do you want to read and see more pictures from huskie adventures and dog sledding? Find it here on their facebook page.

We recommend comfortable warm clothing, winter boots, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen.

Reservations and more inforations  HERE.



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