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Nižné a Vyšné Temnosmrečinské plesá

They are located in a little-visited valley Temnosmrečinská dolina, which is one of the main branches of the valley Kôprova dolina and at the same time its highest part. It has four terraces, of which the lower one connects in the forest zone with apart called Temné smrečiny. On the other two terraces there are two very nice tarns – Nižné and Vyšné Temnosmrečinské pleso. From the tarns flows a creek that creates Vajanský waterfall on the lower terrace. Only Nižné Temnosmrečinské pleso at an altitude of 1677 meters above sea level is accessible to tourists. With an area of 12 ha and a depth of 38 meters – it is the third largest lake on the Slovak side of the Tatras. Vyšné Temnosmrečinské pleso lies at an altitude of 1725 m., has an area of 5,5 ha and a depth of 19 meters. The valley has always been visited by shepherds and hunters (poachers from the surrounding villages) and since the mid-19th century more frequently tourists. An interesting fact is that Juraj Pongrátz made the first known depth measurement in the High Tatras in 1750 right at the Nižné Temnosmrečinské pleso.

The tarns can be accessed from Podbanské or Tri Studničky through the long valley Kôprová dolina . However, you will also get a beautiful view from the top of the Kôprovský štít, which can be reached from Hincovo pleso .

Tips for hiking:

Ascent to Koprovsky stit from Strbske Pleso

Very beautiful and interesting all-day hike. We start from Strbske pleso along ( ) trails until we reach the junction of Trigan where we’ll decide if we want to continue along the red trail with beautiful views of Popradske pleso or to go along the green trail (during winter season this is the winter trail) […]


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