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Morskie oko a Czarny staw

Morskie oko is the largest tarn in the High Tatras, situated on the Polish side of the Tatras at an altitude of 1395 m. with an area of 35 ha and its maximum depth is 50.8 m. If you want to see it from above, you can take a 25-minute climb to a tarn Czarny staw, which has an area of 20.64 hectares, a maximum depth of 76.4 m and you’ll have a clear view of the Morskie oko.

The easiest way to get there is from Lysá Poľana in about 2,20 hours by asphalt road. Other options are: from the Slovak side through Rysy and through Czarny staw; from Lysá Polana on the hiking trail through the Roztoki Valley to a tarn Wielki Staw Polski and then on the blue trail to the Morskie oko.

Tips for hiking:

Hike from Popradské pleso to Rysy

All-day interesting hike for tourists in good physical shape. Starting from tram station Popradske Pleso the asphalt road leads us to the tarn Popradské pleso (1:15h ) and two nearby standing chalets: Chata pri Popradskom plese and Majláthova chata. Here we can relax, refresh ourselves and recover before the climb to the peak. If we […]

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