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Mineral Spring Kyselka in Starý Smokovec

It has been said for many decades that natural springs have beneficial effects on humans. Many of them spring in the High Tatras. One such “source of health” is also found in Starý Smokovec. Smokovecká kyselka springs in a hollow, about 100 meters away from the amphitheater. Whoever it doesn’t cure, at least satiates. There are several hiking trails leading from Starý Smokovec, it belongs to the treatment sites and spas and it can boast the springs of two mineral springs Castor and Pollux. One of them, known as Smokovecká kyselka, is accessible for everyone.

Mineral spring

The oldest written mention of the springs is from 1764. It was the great interest in mineral water that led to the establishment of the settlement in 1793.

The spring is still sought after by tourists and visitors. That is why water quality is checked every year. The spring has the color of ferrous water and a pH value of 3.4. As they say, too much of a good thing and this also applies to the spring water. It is not intended for long-term consumption. Nevertheless, the spring is freely accessible in the newly renovated gazebo.

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