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Conferences and corporate events in the Tatras

The High Tatras – your perfect congress destination

The High Tatras offer unique opportunities to organise various congresses, conferences, workshops, corporate, cultural and other special events.

8 MAIN REASONS to choose the High Tatras:

  • CAPACITY – sufficient capacity for preparation from small to the biggest events, from local to international meetings,
  • ACCESS – easy access to the destination (for local but also for international participants),
  • EQUIPMENT – high-quality technical equipment of the meeting and congress rooms,
  • ACCOMMODATION AND GASTRONOMY – high quality offer of accommodation and gastronomy facilities,
  • NATIONAL PARK – unique environment of the national park with clean, mountain air with a positive impact on the health, performance and concentration,
  • LEISURE TIME OPPORTUNITIES – the availability of free time after work activities, the possibility of cultural, gastronomic experiences as part of the program.
  • UNUSUAL LOCATIONS – opportunities to prepare an event or its part in a really unique locality (for example: castle, cave, restaurant at the peak)
  • EXPERIENCE – several international meetings organized in the past



Total congress capacity:  more than 6.600 people

Total congress area: more than 7.400 m2

Number of parking facilities: 1.280

Congress hotels in the High Tatras.


Easy access by car, bus, train and also by plane.

AIRPORT POPRAD – TATRY – it takes only 10 minutes to get to the High Tatras. Direct airline links from the airport Poprad-Tatry to the airport London-Luton and also to the airport in Latvia – Riga.

Distance of the High Tatras from the other airports in the vicinity:

  • Airport Košice – 135 km
  • Airport Krakow – 150 km
  • Airport Budapest – 270 km
  • Airport Bratislava – 340 km
  • Airport Vienna – 405 km
  • Airport Warsaw – 520 km


Data projector, screen, flipchart, whiteboard, sound system, translation booths, DVD, Wi-Fi, blackout shades, stage or dance floor are the regular part of the technical equipment of the conference areas in the High Tatras.


You can choose your accommodation of the various standards such as 5*, 4*, 3*, 2* hotels or guest-houses.  The overall offer can be found at:


  • unique region, where the rich history and traditions meet the modernization and high quality
  • the second oldest national part in the world
  • unique climatic conditions for the treatment of respiratory diseases, with a proven positive impact on the health and performance of people.



The High Tatras offer many leisure-time and after the work activities, the possibility of cultural or gastronomic experience as part of the program.

Comprehensive indoor or outdoor program can be supervised by local experienced professionals. Just a sort list of possibilities:

  • Mountain Hike along the marked hiking trails (the shields into the valleys, to the ball, or to mountain huts) or outside normal routes with professional mountain guide
  • Cable car trips, for example to Lomnický Peak to enjoy a perfect panorama view of the Tatras
  • In winter, apart from downhill skiing or cross-country skiing, you can experience with your guests also of extreme sports such as ice climbing, snowshoe, dog sledding, tobogganing and much more
  • Golf at the 27 hole course with the splendid panorama of the High Tatras, geocaching or horse riding



The unique location of the High Tatras with a specific natural, cultural and historical background allows the realization of the event or its part in an unusual location, such as the castle, in a cave or in a restaurant at Lomnický peak with a fabulous view.



Several events of international importance successfully organized in the past (such as the NATO Summit etc.) can guarantee sufficient experience and the necessary professionalism on which you can rely.


Choose from the following offer for your CONGRESS of SPECIAL EVENT in the High Tatras.

(Note: the Accommodation facilities are arranged according to the maximum capacity of their conference facilities).



Max. capacity
 Grand Hotel Bellevue**** Horný Smokovec 273 Grand Bellevue 650
Bellevue I. 270
Bellevue II. 170
Lounge Gold 30
LoungeSilver 50
LoungeKristal 70
Dámsky Lounge 60
Note: Grand Bellevue  = Bellevue I. +  Bellevue II
Hotel Patria**** Štrbské Pleso 320 Congress hall I. 400
Congresss hall II. 200
Lovecký Lounge 56
Kaviarenský Lounge 24
Congress Lounge 32
Lounge Separé 16
Lounge Vinotéka  24
Hotel Atrium*** Nový Smokovec 173 Congress hall K1 220
Congress hall K2 100
Foyer 90
Hall S1 50
Hall S2 60
Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranská Lomnica 205 Grand hall 250
Green Lounge 12
Red Lounge 12
Blue Lounge 16
Golden Lounge 100
Club Lounge 50
Café Lounge 30

Kúpele Nový Smokovec

Nový Smokovec 200 Congress hall I. 220
Congress hall II. 90
Conference hall 30
Lounge I. 25
Lounge II. 25
Hotel*** SOREA TRIGAN Štrbské Pleso 182 Big Congress hall 200
Small Congress hall 80
Lounge 30
 Hotel Toliar*** Štrbské Pleso 142 Big Congress hall 200
Small Congress hall 70
Kaviareň 30
Hotel MORAVA** Tatranská Lomnica 160 Congress hall 200
Kaviareň – Lounge 50
Hotel Hills**** Stará Lesná 102 Big Congress hall 150
Small Congress hall 1 60
Small Congress hall 2 40
Hotel*** SOREA Titris Tatranská Lomnica 172 Congress hall 200
Lounge TITRIS 40
Sanatórium Tatranská Kotlina Tatranská Kotlina 72 Kinosála 150
Konferenčná miestnosť 50
Golden Lounge 30
Hotel CROCUS**** Štrbské Pleso 92 Congress hall 1 90
Congress hall 2 100
Školiaca miestnosť 20
Grand Hotel Kempinski***** High Tatras Štrbské Pleso 196 Gerlach 120
Kriváň 80
Wellness Hotel Borovica**** Štrbské Pleso 104 Big Congress hall 120
Smaller Congress hall 80
Bigger Congress hall 30
Sunny Lounge 30
English Lounge 25
VIP Lounge 10
Pozn. Big Congress hall = Smaller + Bigger Congress hall
Hotel Europa**** Poprad 80 Congress hall 100
Lounge I. 25
Lounge II. 25
Hotel International**** Veľká Lomnica 59 Congress hall – Winter Garden 60
Indoor bar 80
VIP Lounge 10
Hotel SOREA Urán*** Tatranská Lomnica 217 Školiaca miestnosť 100
TV Lounge 30
Lounge 12
Penzión POĽANA Horný Smokovec 40 Lounge 50
Small Lounge I. 20
Small Lounge II. 40
Horský hotel*** Sliezsky dom Tatranská Polianka 92 Školiaca room 40
Restaurant 60
Tatry Holiday Resort*** Veľký Slavkov 190 Congress hall I. 50
Congress hall II. 50
Hotel Villa Siesta*** Nový Smokovec 46 Bigger Congress hall 65
Smaller Congress hall 30
Hotel TULIPÁN *** Tatranská Lomnica 28 Konferenčná miestnosť 40
Restaurant 25
Terasse 15
Hotel*** Palace Tivoli Tatranská Polianka 34 Hall 50

Hotel Avalanche***

Štôla 28 Congress hall 30
Penzion Baďo*** Stará Lesná 42 Congress hall 30
Koliba Kamzík Starý Smokovec 32 Salónik Kamzík 15


The following Travel agencies will assist you to prepare your conference or event in High Tatras:

NAME e-mail address       


Kiska Travel +421 905 500 507
J.M.G. Travel Agency +421 905 635 589

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