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Jahňací štít

Jahňací štít (2229 m) is the easternmost peak of the High Tatras. There are four ridges going from the peak: southwestern – towards Kolové sedlo, where the marked hiking trail leads, northwestern – separates Jahňací kotol from Kolová dolina, northeastern – belongs to Kopské sedlo and southeastern – separates Červená dolina from Dolina Bielych plies. There is a nice view from the top. The first known ascent was made by the English traveler Robert Townson, but undoubtedly there were shepherds, poachers and haviars before him, who mined copper on its north-western ridges in the 18th century. The first winter climbers ascended Jahňací štít in 1911.

It‘s possible to reach it in various ways. The shortest way leads from the Biela voda bus stop – to the chalet Chata pri Zelenom plese along the yellow trail in about 2.30 hours. From the chalet we continue for 2 hours by the yellow trail to the peak Jahňací štít. The longer road is from Skalnaté Pleso through Veľká Svišťovka, or from Chata Plesnivec.

Tips for hiking:

Through Zelené pleso to Jahňací štít

Very nice all-day hike for more demanding and skilled hikers. There are more possible ways how to get to the peak. The shortest track to Chata pri Zelenom plese („The Chalet at the Green Tarn“) leads from a bus stop Biela voda – 2,5 h. (). The comfortable trail leads through woods and meadows and […]

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