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Hike to Waterfall Skok

A simple hike also for families with kids. We start at Štrbské Pleso, where we can get either by tram or there are several parking lots available in the area. The beginning of our trail to the Waterfall Skok 1,35 h ( ) can be found at the signpost at the turn to the chairlift to Chata pod Soliskom. We continue on the right side of the chairlift area and head for the valley Mlynická dolina by a gentle climb, first through a forest, then a rocky trail with a view of the surrounding peaks. The route is accessible all year round, in summer we can continue to Pleso nad Skokom up to a saddleback Bystrá lávka and the tarns Wahlenbergove plesá. In the winter season, the trail ends at the waterfall due to the off-season closure.


Prevýšenie 442 m
Dĺžka 11,4 km (5,7 km , 5,7 km )
Čas 2:45 h (1,35 h, 1,10 h)
Terén lesný a kamenný chodník
Východiskový bod Štrbské Pleso



Total Ascent 442 m
Trail Lenght 11,4 km (5,7 km , 5,7 km )
Duration 2:45 h (1,35 h, 1,10 h)
Terrain comfortable rocky or forest path
Starting point Štrbské Pleso


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