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Hike through Malá Studená dolina to Téryho chata

Half-day hike through the valley Malá Studená dolina. Our starting point is Hrebienok where we can get by funicular. Those who want to start earlier or don’t mind prolonging their hike can already start in Starý Smokovec and walk to Hrebienok by foot following the green trail . From Hrebienok we set out on a comfortable wide trail ( ) to a junction Rázcestie nad Rainerovou chatou (20min.). From here we continue along red and green rocky trail in the direction of Zamkovského chata. The trail gets narrower. At the chalet we can rest for a while and refresh ourselves. From the chalet we start our way up on the green trail , the climb is first gradual, steep climb starts under Malý and Veľký Háng and steep hairpin bends will take us up the rocky path to the chalet Téryho chata. At the chalet there are five tarns called Päť Spišských plies that are surronded by „stone giants“ Lomnický štít, Pyšný štít, Ľadový štít or Prostredný hrot. The ascent to the chalet is possible all year-round. In the winter it’s necessary to have equipment like climbing irons, show covers and poles. In steeper areas, ice-axe will also help. On our way back we can visit the Sherpa Museum at the chalet Rainerova chata or following the green trail admire the beauty of waterfalls Vodopády Studeného potoka.

From the chalet it’s possible to continue either to saddle Priečne sedlo and then chalet Zbojnícka chata or to the tarn Modré pleso („Blue tarn“) and to the saddle Sedielko and through the valley Javorová dolina to Tatranská Javorina. But that would already be a challenging all-day hike.


Prevýšenie cca 730 m
Dĺžka 11,4 km (5,7 km , 5,7 km )
Čas 4:35 h (2,35 h, 2,00 h)
Terén kamenný chodník, kamenné schody
Východiskový bod Hrebienok



Total Ascent

cca cca 730 m
Trail Lenght 11,4 km (5,7 km , 5,7 km )
Duration 4:35 h (2,35 h, 2,00 h)
Terrain rocky path, stone steps
Starting point Hrebienok


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Päť Spišských Plies (“Five Spiš Tarns”) are situated in Malá Studená dolina near Téryho chata. Behind the chalet to the left is Nižné Spišské pleso (“Lower Spiš Tarn”) at 2000m. elevation, to the right from the trail Malé Spišské pleso (“Smal Spiš Tarn”) 1999m., Prostredné Spišské pleso (“Middle Spiš Tarn”) 2010 m., Veľké Spišské pleso […]

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Téryho chata is the highest elevated chalet with a year-round operation. It’s located in the valley Malá Studená dolina at an altitude 2015 m. next to tarns Päť Spišských Plies („5 Spiš tarns“). The easiest access to it is from Starý Smokovec, through Hrebienok, waterfall Obrovský vodopád („Giant waterfall“) and chalet Zamkovského chata. More difficult […]

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