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From Hrebienok Through the Waterfalls to Zamkovského chata

Easy pleasant walk suitable for families with children. We start at Hrebienok, where we got by the funicular from Starý Smokovec. We continue towards Bilíkova chata and waterfalls ( ). After 0,15 h we get to a junction Rázcestie nad Dlhým vodopádom. It pays off to descend a few meters on a yellow trail ( ) and have a look at a waterfall Dlhý vodopád. We return to the junction and continue to a waterfall Veľký vodopád. The waterfall can be seen directly from a bridge under it. Then we continue along a creek Studenovodský potok and its cascades to a chalet Rainerova chata. We cross a wooden bridge and we’re headed to Zamkovského chata along the Tatranská magistrála ( ) and the green trail ( ). Along the way we pass the beautiful Obrovský vodopád („Huge Waterfall“). Zamkovského chata is also a starting point for example for Téryho chata or Skalnate pleso. We can return to Hrebienok directly (without the detour through waterfalls) following the red trail ( ).


Prevýšenie 190 m
Dĺžka 7,00 km (3,5 km , 3,5 km )
Čas 2:05 h (1,15 h, 0,50 h)
Terén lesný a kamenný chodník, magistrála
Východiskový bod Hrebienok



Total Ascent 190 m
Trail Lenght 7,00 km (3,5 km , 3,5 km )
Duration 2:05 h (1,15 h, 0,50 h)
Terrain comfortable rocky or forest path
Starting point Hrebienok


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Obrovský waterfall is one of the waterfalls which are created by the creek Studený potok and is situated in a valley Malá Studená dolina in 1330m. altitude. It is approximately 20 metres high. The waterfall is accessible by red-marked trail from Hrebienok. Other waterfalls and cascades of Studený potok are possible to admire on the […]

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