Dinopark Tatry Dolný Smokovec

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In Dinopark Vysoké Tatry you will set out on a journey into the past and explore the life of unique prehistoric creatures – dinosaurs. Dinopark is located right in the heart of the Tatras, at the place where the real footprints of their footprints were discovered. Those 250 million years ago have been forgotten and are waking up today.

Dinopark has the highest concentration of dinosaurs per square meter. Thanks to realistic sounds and movements, prehistoric animals come to life right in front of the visitor. The park is accompanied by information about the life of dinosaurs, their diet, the time in which they lived, but there is also a quiz. The show also includes a cinema with a film about T-rex adventures, virtual reality, bouncy castles, trampolines, a buffet and an intuitive sidewalk.

There are 10 dynamic models of dinosaurs: Diplodocus, T-rex, Carnotaurus, Dilophosuarus, Wuershosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Dimetrodon, Brachiosaurus.

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