Bielovodská valley

Lately, the glacier 13 km long and 280 m wide has formed Bielovodská valley. The valley is 10 km long and belongs among the picturesque valleys of High Tatras. The bottom part of the valley is covered with forests; the upper parts are covered with steep rocky slopes of the side valleys with marvellous tarns. Among the most famous ones in the valley belong Hviezdoslav’s waterfall and Ťažký waterfall. The starting point of the path is Lysá Poľana. There goes a path through the valley which continues through Prielom to Veľká Studená valley. The ending point for the less demanding tourists and cyclists use to be the place around the gamekeeper’s lodge in the lower part of the valley.

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14. October 2019 (Mon) 18:00 - 21:00

Piano concert in Dr. Guhr´s Sanatory Caffee

Piano concert  in Dr. Guhr´s sanatory in Tatranská Polianka every Monday.

Sanatórium Dr. Guhra

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Kaviareň a čajovňa U Vlka

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Vila Alica, Múzeum tatranskej kinematografie a fotografie

13. October - 17. October 2019


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