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Belianska cave

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The Belianska Cave is one of the most visited caves in Slovakia. In addition to the bizarre rock shapes, it is known by a rich occurrence of calcareous sinter. Although interest in the natural wonders of the cave has persisted for 125 years, the patterns of its creation have not yet been fully clarified.

The sightseeing tour has a length of 1370 m with an elevation of 125 m, along the route there are 874 steps. Tour in the cave takes about 70 min. The temperature in the cave ranges from 5 to 6.3 °C.

The cave was discovered in the 18th century, although it is presumed that it was used by pre-historic people. The cave was opened in 1884 and electrically lit in 1896.

7 species of bats were found in the cave. The predominant one is the Greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis). Less frequent ones are the whiskered bat (Myotis mystacinus), the Brandt’s bat (Myotis brandtii) and the Geoffroy’s bat (Myotis emarginatus).

Belianska Cave is located in Tatranská Kotlina and is accessible all year-round.
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