Velická valley

Velická valley is 6 km long, terraced and lies under the natural slopes of massive fork of Gerlachovský peak (2654.4 m – the highest Tatra peak with the characteristic kettle on its southern slope. Above the first rocky terrace next to Velické tarn, there stands the mountainous hotel Sliezsky dom, which is greatly visited by tourists. The green-marked path, which starts behind the tarn, rises pass the other edge – Večný dážď to the attractive part with meadows called Kvetnica with the vanishing tarn of the same name. The path fixed with chains rises pass Dlhé tarn in the closure of the valley up to the saddle Poľský ridge. There is possibility to go to Bielovodská valley, to Veľká Studená valley (through saddle Prielom – fixed with chains) or to the peak Východná Vysoká (2429.6 m) by yellow-marked path fixed with chains. This track is attractive thanks to panoramic views to the surrounding peaks and valley.

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Najbližie podujatia

19. August 2019 (Mon) 19:00


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Kaviareň a čajovňa U Vlka

19. August 2019 (Mon) 18:00 - 21:00

Piano concert in Dr. Guhr´s Sanatory Caffee

Piano concert  in Dr. Guhr´s sanatory in Tatranská Polianka every Monday.

Sanatórium Dr. Guhra

21. August 2019 (Wed) 11:00

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Villa Siesta Nový Smokovec

25. May - 22. August 2019


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Tatranská galéria Poprad

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