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HELMUT BISTIKA – Anjeli a tí druhí


Calvary – Starý Smokovec

Educational paths in High and Belianske Tatras

 1. From Štrbské Pleso to Popradské tarn:

The path goes over the mountain ridge Trigan. Passing 18 stops, a tourist get to know lots of details about the forest and animals and plants living in it.

4km, 1.5 hours

2. The educational geological area Podmuráň

            A unique geological exposition is situated in Javorová valley. There are 3 panels with pictures and detailed description of the creation and forming of the Tatras up to the today’s form, there. Except of that, there are displays of minerals and rocks presented there.

0.5 km, 0.5 hour


3. The educational path Zadné Meďodoly

The educational path heading from Tatranská Javorina to Kopské saddle offers 10 stops.  State forests of TANAP offer information not only about the fauna and flora in Belianske Tatras, but about the unforgettable history of the valley as well, due to the informational tables.

4km, 3 hours


4. Children‘s educational path around Skalnaté tarn – Tatranská divočina, (Tatra wildlife)

The entertaining and educational path for children around Skalnaté tarn is a part of a project Tatranská divočina (Tatra wildlife). The Tatra animals will lead children through 5 stops and teach them the basic and unusual information concerning High Tatras.

1km, 40 minutes

5. The educational path Skalnaté tarn – Hrebienok

Path Skalnaté tarn – Hrebienok or sometimes also the opposite way will present you themes from history of Tatras and protection of nature with its 12 stops.

5km, 2.5 hours

6. The educational path towards the Belianska cave

The path going from Tatranská Kotlina to the Belianska cave is dedicated mainly to geology and caving in its 6 stops.

1km, 45 minutes


7. The educational path Monks valley

The educational path will lead you through 6 stops from Ždiar do the beginning of the Monk’s valley around the confluence of brook Biela and Rígeľský stream, though the valley, Široké saddle and up to the Kopské saddle.

6km, 4 hours


8. The educational path in Kvetnica

The educational path starts next to the lake near the medical institution in Kvetnica near Poprad and heads to the area of Zámčisko. The path then continues along the main road to Hájenka and then by the southern way towards the area of Vysová.

6.5 km, 3 hours and 15 minutes


9. The educational path Štrbské Pleso

The educational path is thematically dedicated to the history of Štrbské Pleso, its flora and fauna, people who worked in the area, sport events, history of balneology and much other useful information, too. It consists of 40 stylish wooden informational panels which are complemented with wooden benches.

5 km, 2 hours and 45 minutes

10. The astronomical educational path

Today, the path provides 13 panels with the most important information not only about the gadgets and equipments of the astronomical institute, but about the space objects as well. The path begins next to the main building of the institute and ends near the last cupola with telescopes. There is a path from Tatranská Lomnica and a tarmac track from Stará Lesná and Smokovec connecting the path. It only depends on the visitor, if he prefers a pleasant walk or rather a comfortable and less time–consuming variant with a possibility to park the car right next to the educational path. Stará Lesná is situated less than 4 km away from Tatranská Lomnica and you can get to the above mentioned path in less than an hour.

11. Beliansky educational path

The marked path with length of 800 metres, which is complemented with 7 informational panels in Slovak and in English language, is accessible for the pedestrians and for the cyclists up to the area of the reservation. This new educational path offers an opportunity to know the beauties of the unique peat bog. In the ending of the rout, there is a wooden above-ground path with length of 250 metres which enables to the visitors to take a look at the area of the natural reservation. However, this part is inaccessible for cyclists. This educational path starts just next to the newly built cycleway between Spišská Belá and Tatranská Kotlina and therefore it will be an interesting attraction for the users of this track as well.

12. From Starý Smokovec to Jakubkos meadow

Whole rout is 1.7 km long and its elevation difference is approximately 110 metres. Due to the educational table situated next to the bottom station of funicular in Hrebienok, you will know that the path follows the earlier attempts of the representatives of balneology in Smokovec to provide to the visitors a non difficult relaxing walk through a pleasant and mainly forest area (the path was built long before the wind storm in 2004). On the table, there is a well arranged map with certain stops of the educational path.

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