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The Most Beautiful Mountain Lakes

Veľké Hincovo pleso tarn

The largest and the deepest mountain lake in the High Tatras is the tarn Veľké Hincovo pleso which is situated at an altitude of 1,944.8 m.This biggest Slovak tarn lies  in the wide valley Mengusovská dolina.
Hincovo the lake can be reached from the cottage to Poprad  for 1 hour. 35 min. You can reach Hincovo pleso  from the Chalet Chata Popradské pleso for 1 hour. 35 min.

Wahlenbergové plesá tarns

Vyšné (2,157 m) and Nižné Wahlenbergovo pleso tarn(2053 m) are located in the Furkotská valley.
The easiest way to tarns leads from village of Štrbske Pleso, by chairlift to the Solisko. The hiking trail starts at the Chata pod Soliskom chalet and it  takes 1 hour. 35 min to reach the Wahlenbergové plesá tarns.
Longer route leads along the yellow mark trough Furkotská dolina valley, or passing through the saddle Bystré sedlo from Mlynická dolina valley to Furkotská dolina valley.

Štrbské pleso tarn

The Štrbské pleso tarn is one of the most famous tarns in the Hight Tatras, which is available to the general public. It lies at an altitude of 1,346.6 meters.

Popradské pleso tarn

Popradské pleso tarn lies in the Mengusovská dolina valley at an altitude of 1,500 m.
Tarn is located next to the Mountain Hotel Popradske pleso and Majláthova chata chalet. You can visit a famous Symbolical cemetery which is situated around 30min.  from the Popradské pleso tarn. The easiest access to the Popradské pleso tarn is  from the station of the Tatra electric railway  “Popradské Pleso” (50 min.) Or along the red trail from the village of Štrbské Pleso  (1:15 min.).

Velické pleso tarn

Velické pleso tarn lies in the Velická dolina valley at an altitude of 1,665.5 m
Near the tarn is located a mountain hotel Sliezsky dom.
The most commonly used trails to the tarn  lead from the vllage Tatranská Polianka (asphalt road, green mark) 2:00 h., From town Starý Smokovec (the yellow mark) 2:20 h., From Hrebienok (the red 1hr. 55 min.)

Starolesnianske pleso tarn and Seterské pleso tarn

Both of them are situated in the Veľká studená dolina valley at an altitude of 1988 m n. m.
Are available from the Zbojnícka chata chalet along the yellow mark.

Skalnaté pleso tarn

Skalnaté pleso tarn  lies at an altitude of 1,751 m.n.m.
Access is by cable car from the town Tatranská Lomnica, or by foot (the red mark from the Hrebienok through the Zamkovského chata chalet, or from the Zelené pleso tarn trough the Veľká Svišťovka ).

Zelené pleso tarn

One of the well known tarns is the Zelené pleso tarn which is located in the valley of Zelené pleso at an altitude of 1,551 m., on the foothill of the Jastrabia tower mt. The chalet Chata pri zelenom plese is located right next to the tarn.
The most common route to the Zelené pleso tarn starts at the bus stop Biela voda (about 3 hrs.).

Around 30 min. from the Zelené pleso tarn is located the Biele pleso tarn (1,615.4 m).
From the Biele pleso tarn leads hiking trail to the chalet Plesnivec (1 hr. 15 min.), or to the village Tatranské Matliare (2 hrs. 30 min.)

Litvorové pleso tarn

The tarn lies at an altitude of 1,860 m. In the Litvorová dolina valley. The trail to the Litvorové pleso tarn starts from the Lysá Poľana  along the blue mark. From the Litvorové pleso tarn, leads a trail to the Poľský hrebeň ridge which continues to the Velická dolina valley. Another option is hiking trail from the Litvorové pleso tarn trough the saddle Prielom to the Veľká studená dolina valley.

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