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Museum of Jozef Maximilián Petzval in Spišská Belá

Museum of J. M. Petzval in Spišská Belá is one of expositions of Slovak technical museum out of Košice, which as the only one in Slovakia focuses on the history of science and technique in this area.

The exposition presents development of photographic and cinematographic techniques with the life and family background of J. M. Petzval and his work in his birthplace.

There are more than 600 exhibits documenting the history of photographic optics, in the exposition. In the centre of attention should be a documentation of Petzval’s inventions including the most famous lens.

A visitor has a great opportunity to familiarize with development of photographic aids starting from gas lamps up to copying machines. Unique collection of shutters of cameras should be paid attention to as well.

Specific part of exposition is dedicated to the beginnings of cinematography to whose development Petzval has intervened significantly with his discovery.

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