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AKO DOMA – majolikový príbeh manželov Pečukovcov

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Calvary – Starý Smokovec

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Folk museum – Ždiarsky dom

The village was founded at the beginning of the 17-th century. It was a part of Lendacké county, later it was owned by Horváth-Palocsay. In 1787 it had 120 houses and 794 inhabitants. In 1828 it had 155 houses and 1118 inhabitants. Most of the population were farmers, shepherds, miners and since 19-th century they started to devote to tourism, too. In 1918 and in 1938 the village was conquered by the Polish army. Ždiar is famous by its original folk dress. After the departure of the Polish Army the village was till 1960 a part of the High Tatras town.
    It is still attractive for tourists by excellent ski facilities and well built infrastructure.

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