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Fantastic summer fairy wandering

Fantastic SUMMER fairy wandering

Fairy TATRA kingdom is situated in the northern part of Slovakia in the beautiful and varied nature of Tatra national park.

Fairy Tatra wandering will lead you over the region full of majestic peaks, crystal clear lakes, sunny slopes covered with flowers, places with lots of birds, deer, chamois and marmots, towards the waterfalls and to various interesting touristic paths and roads. And for you to not wandering and knowing this region all alone, OCHRANKO TATRANSKÝ – strong and brave protector of all Tatra peaks, forests and animals and LOMNIČKA KVETINKOVÁ – gentle queen of Tatra nature, flowers, lakes and all magical Tatra creatures will be your companions.

Together with these new friends, kids will know in High Tatras:

  • educative nature trails
  • local inhabitants – animals and plants
  • Tatra lakes
  • mountainous peaks
  • mountainous chalets
  • Kyselka spring in Smokovec
  • Belianska cave
  • sport which belongs to High Tatras

You can find complete material with the fairy wandering towards beauties of our high mountains in Tatra Information Offices and also in the accommodations.

If you like Tatra nature, its beauties, history and all the Tatra treasures, become a part of our fairy wandering, which you will confirm by a fairy PASSPORT (it is possible to buy it from the 1st of July 2015 in Tatra Information Offices in Starý Smokovec and in Tatranská Lomnica or in specific providers of accommodation of the prices 0.80€). During the wandering you will be able to get stamps, complete the tasks, solve the riddles and for that get little present.

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Projekt je realizovaný s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby SR