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Calvary – Starý Smokovec

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Squirrel Rope Park

The squirrel rope park is situated in Štrbské Pleso. This adrenaline park consists of two types of tracks. Everyone will find the perfect and suitable one for him – adults (big squirrels) and kids (small squirrels) as well. The track for adults consists of 25 rope obstacles placed on trees in the height of approximately 5 m above ground and this track is 320 metres long and coming to the end usually takes 45 minutes. During the track, the ‘squirrels’ will enjoy the adrenaline as well as beautiful views on the peaks of High Tatras. The track for small squirrels will take your kids of your care and give you time to rest in a nearby cafe or you can get inspired by your kids and feel the fur of Tatra squirrels. You can find more information on the internet website.

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Projekt je realizovaný s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby SR