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There is prepared a regional transport called SKI & AQUA BUS for the visitors and skiers during the winter season, which will transport the holders of Tatry Card to skiing resorts in Tatranská Lomnica, Starý Smokovec, Štrbské Pleso and to aquapark AquaCity in Poprad comfortably and for free from the 26th of December 2015 till the 6th of March in 2016.

SKI & AQUA BUS provides 6 lines in regular timetables:

  1. Štrbské pleso, central parking – skiing resort, Areal snow (bus stop on sign – Hotel Patria****) – shuttle service every 15-30 according the timetable

    The line 1 runs daily an in the period 07.-28.3.2016 too

  2. Tatranské Zruby – Nový Smokovec – Starý Smokovec – Horný Smokovec – Tatranská Lesná – Tatranská Lomnica, skiing resort and back – twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon
  3. Poprad, AquaCity – Veľký Slavkov – Nová Lesná –  – Tatranská Lomnica a back – once in the morning and once in the afternoon
  4. Poprad, AquaCity – Veľká Lomnica – Stará Lesná – Tatranská Lomnica, skiing resort and back – once in the morning and once in the
  5. Poprad, AquaCity – Starý Smokovec – Tatranská Lomnica – Stará Lesná – Veľká Lomnica – Poprad, AquaCity – once in the afternoon
  6. Tatranská Lomnica, skiing resort – Tatranské Matliare a back –  once in the morning and once in the afternoon (runs only for the guests of hotels SOREA Hutník a SOREA Titris)


Instructions for the travellers:

1.SKI & AQUA BUS is available only with the valid regional TATRA card, which is issued by accommodations according to contracts in Region of High Tatras. You need to show the card to the driver while getting on the bus. The list of the providing accommodations can be found in the section TATRY Card – Accomodation withTATRY Card.

2.The timetables SKI & AQUA BUS are available on the posters in accommodations, skiing resorts, information centres in the region (Poprad, Starý Smokovec, Štrbské Pleso, Tatranská Lomnica) and on the individual bus stops of the lines.

3.In case of bad weather, when the cable cars don’t provide service in the skiing resorts, the service of SKI & AQUA BUS is limited. Topical information about the service will be provided in the accommodations, information centres and on the websites: , + in the morning Newsletter.

4.The provider of the SKI & AQUA BUS has the right to change the timetables in case of bad weather, malfunction of the vehicles and other unexpected situations. You should inform yourself about the potential changes of the timetables in your accommodations.


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Projekt je realizovaný s finančnou podporou Ministerstva dopravy a výstavby SR