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Mountain carts

  • Great fun
  • Easy to control
  • Safety elements included in the price
  • Suitable for each type of dry terrain

Mountain carts are motorless three-wheelers which guarantee adrenalin fun for all family members. The first sports three-wheeler was made by Bavarian engineer Josef Jessberger. Today, it is a popular summer outdoor attraction of many top-class alpine resorts designated for all generations. Mountain carts can be ridden on any type of terrain (fields, forest roads or ski slopes). The only thing which is “a must” is good weather and no rain. Mountain carts can be adapted to any type of riders, even absolute beginners.

Description and safety:

• Ergonomic seats for controlling the carts without worries and stress.

• A lower centre of gravity guarantees great driving stability.

• Thanks to a high-quality aluminium construction, the carts are easy to manipulate and pleasant to ride.

• Disc brakes are ideal for long and steep tracks.

• When riding a mountain cart, clients are given helmets and reflective vests.

• Ideal for all family members.

Tatranská Lomnica – mountain cart and scooter rental

• Start at the snack bar of the Štart interchange station, finish at the lower cable car station in Tatranská Lomnica

• a safe asphalt track, 3km long

• while waiting on busy days during the season, feel free to refresh yourself in our snack bar

• combo-tickets cable car + fun tools (cart / scooter) – special offer that combines a cable car trip and an amusing activity

• downhill duration – 5 – 10 minutes

• mountain carts are suitable for all age groups – individually or in tandems

• big luggage pieces of clients who are interested in a scooter or mountain cart ride can be transported to the finish

• all Tatry Motion attractions are closed in bad weather

• find the opening times in the price list

* Individual rides are available only for adults and children over 12 years. Children between 12 and 16 years can use mountain carts only if accompanied by an adult person over 18 years who rides another cart/scooter. Tandem rides are available only if the weight of both passengers does not exceed 130 kg, the driver is at least 16 years old and is accompanied by an adult person over 18 years who rides another cart/scooter.

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