Wooden Churches

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The wooden churches are undoubtedly considered to be a unique part of our cultural heritage and a jewel of the slovak folk art. From the original more than 300 wooden churches built in Slovakia only 60 of them have been preserved till today. Those buildings were a sign of how small a man is and on the other hand symbolised strong and unbreakable faith in God. The building are made only of wood and can proud themselves with a unique feature – no nails were allowed to be used during the construction. In the High Tatras and nearby are located those of them: Rímskokatolícky kostol in Starý Smokovec, Dolný Smokovec, Tatranská Kotlina. The unique evangelical temple (UNESCO), in Kežmarok and the church in Tatranská Javorina. All of the above are still active. If you are interested in seeing also the inside, visit them during the church services.

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25. August 2019 (Sun) 16:00

(kópia) (kópia) (kópia)

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Golfový rezort Back Stork Veľká Lomnica

25. August 2019 (Sun)

Historical tram Comet

Enjoy ride by historical tram Commet from Poprad to the High Tatras.

Poprad - Vysoké Tatry

25. August 2019 (Sun) 17:00

Operné gala v Kežmarku

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Drevený artikulárny kostol Kežmarok

24. August - 25. August 2019

Dni obce Veľká Lomnica

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Veľká Lomnica

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