Tichá valley

This valley is the first one in High Tatras from the west. Above its closure, there lies Ľaliové saddle, where High Tatras meet West Tatras. The length of this valley is 13.8 km and the area is 52.3 square km. Thanks to these measures, this valley is the biggest and the longest valley in High and in West Tatras, either. The starting point for reaching this valley is Podbanské. Through this valley, there leads a touristic path to the saddle Závory. This valley is accessible to cyclists as well, although only in its lower parts.

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18. August 2019 (Sun)

Lucie Bílá v Tatrách

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Pod skokanskými mostíkmi Štrbské Pleso

18. August 2019 (Sun)

Historical tram Comet

Enjoy ride by historical tram Commet from Poprad to the High Tatras.

Poprad - Vysoké Tatry

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