Mlynická valley

The valley is rich in natural beauties. One of them is also the famous waterfall Skok or less famous tarns as Okrúhkle, Capie, Kozie and the Tarn above Skok. In the mouth of the valley, there lies the most visited Štrbské tarn. Under the lake terrace of Capie tarn, there is situated a memorial plaque remembering air rescuers who died there during the air crash during a rescuing action. There leads a yellow-marked path, through to valley, to the waterfall Skok and up to Furkotská valley.

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18. August 2019 (Sun)

Lucie Bílá v Tatrách

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Pod skokanskými mostíkmi Štrbské Pleso

18. August 2019 (Sun)

Historical tram Comet

Enjoy ride by historical tram Commet from Poprad to the High Tatras.

Poprad - Vysoké Tatry

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