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Cycling routes

Take a look on more than 300 km of marked cycling trails across the whole region. The trails are marked by many different colours.


The trails marked by red colour are only long-distanced trails which lead across different districts and often even through the different regions. Mostly they lead through the river valleys as well as the hilly parts enabling a cyclist to admire the most interesting parts of the country, while not being that physically demanding.


Blue coloured trails are parallel to the long-distance cycling routes “magistralas”. Those trails are mostly longer, leading a bit further from “magistrala” and are considered to be more difficult and demanding.

Green trails

Green coloured trails are trails with the medium difficulty and also non-difficult ones, trails suitable for families and so called circuits of health.


 Yellow trails

Yellow colour is used to indicate the connections between cycling trails or short turn-offs leading to natural, historical or technical attractions.

More information about cycling trails including the maps can be found on: Cykoltrasy na mape


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