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Grand Prix Slovakia in skiing

  • Friday February 26th, 2016

12th – 13th March 2016, Štrbské Pleso

Grand Prix Slovakia, one of our most important competitions in alpine skiing, is closely linked to the High Tatras, the highest and most beautiful mountain range in Slovakia and also with the development of the now most widespread in our sport – skiing. Except for the first year of the Grand Prix of Slovakia in 1955, the porter, all the more prepared and also carried out in the High Tatras. Grand Prix Slovakia (VCS) after the first year, which took place as international downhill race has been organized for several years as the European Cup and World Cup. In 1974 we had the honor to organize VCS as the World Cup final between men and women.

Sixty years of Grand Prix of Slovakia forms part of the history of Slovak ski sports and the history of the High Tatras, which we are proud. We always did everything that was in our best for the success of these events, therefore consider it necessary to thank everyone who contributed to these successes, whether by participating in competitions, or the enthusiastic work in organizational and technical security of the race. With such care and are preparing this year’s Grand Prix of Slovakia, which is classified as an FIS race of men and women in slalom and giant slalom.

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